What Employers Should Know

Missing Link Search is the leading Executive Search/Head Hunting Firm in North America.

Our commitment to our Clients goes beyond filling a position, our goal is to work closely with our clients to establish an understanding of their future goals and expansions so that we can service them well into the future.

Our world is changing and the demands are becoming more and more specific.  Companies are moving further and further away from smaller recruiting firms with only one or two recruiting consultants that work from their homes or temporary offices and due to the fact that they service only a couple industries in their local areas, it reduces their ability to properly service all their Clients needs.  These facts are important to large or growing companies, especially if you as the client have multiple offices in various regions or Countries.

This is why we not only have the track record to prove our ability to fill the most difficult positions but we also have affiliations and partnerships across Canada and the United States which allow us to service almost any industry with leading professionals in their field.

Our Recruitment Specialists take their roles, responsibilities and commitments to their Clients very seriously. They work collectively as a group so that all options and opportunities are not missed, allowing you to focus on your business and development while we take care of finding you the best people possible.

We work exclusively with our Clients by focusing on their needs while building and maintaining a great working relationship. It is very important for our clients to understand that we will not service our Clients competitors if their needs are the same as our clients.

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