Our Commitment

Why use Missing Link Search for your recruiting needs?

As recruiting specialists, we have all been recruited at one point or another so we understand the massive responsibility we take when we contact individuals and present to them opportunities that could eventually allow them to change careers and even relocate their families. We also consider all potential Candidates as our Clients so extra care is always taken to make sure every step is followed to ensure the right fit and proper retention for our Clients.

We offer creative and innovative agreements and guarantees to suit our client’s needs and their processes. Missing Link Search will never tell our Client’s  what we will do and how we will do it, we take the time to ask them what they need and what will make them feel comfortable so we can begin to cultivate that long-term, working relationship.

We do not consider ourselves as suppliers to our Clients; we are more partners in their growth.

Communication and understanding our Clients company culture is very important to us. It allows us to know our Clients history and the direction our Client is taking, always keeping us on the lookout for the type of individuals who are right for our Clients before a needed position becomes too urgent.

We can customize our search and screening process to match those of our Clients.

We describe in details our process and how we recruit and as our Client, you will be constantly updated on progress and timelines.

We offer the best guarantees in the industry. We stand behind our service and our process and we feel it is necessary to prove that to you by giving you guarantees that far exceed any other firm in the world.

Exclusive team and contact

Proven track record

Ongoing updates

Customized agreements

Great affiliations

Multiple billing options

Creative recruiting

Guarantees on filled positions 
surpassing anything you’ve 
ever seen

No geographical limits

Invoiced only when we have successfully filled a position

No retention fees

Relationship building


We Head Hunt the old fashion way and track down those well paid employees working for your competitors who are not tempted and have no reason to look at or research job postings, including your own job postings.